Business attire is one of the businesses that mushroomed in various cities. Clothing is one of the primary needs are clearly much sought after. The rapid development of fashion also make the current sales of clothing is never empty. Many people who are interested to start a clothing business, but hit with capital constraints. Maybe you included from these people? Do not worry, here we will describe how to start a business attire without having to incur a large capital.


  1. Determine the type of clothes you will be selling: The first step is to determine what type of clothing you will be selling. Do you want to sell pajamas, work clothes, sportswear, Muslim clothing and so on. An easy way to determine this is to return to the type of clothing and type of fabric that you yourself enjoy doing. For example, for the party, the type of fabric what you think is more suitable to be used to the party? From there you can start making choices. However, you should also consider market factors, namely the type of clothing that are much in demand by buyers.
  2. Determining the clothing brand: The second step is to determine the brand of clothing that you sell. You can use the initials of your name or the names of family members. You also can use unique names. Surely the name brand clothing tailored to the type of clothing. The brand’s presence can make your outfit more memorable by the buyer. If possible, you can register such marks to Patent Office.
  3. designing clothes: The next step in how to start a business this clothing is designing clothes. You do not need to be a professional designer to create clothing designs. In this digital age, you can get a variety of reference designs clothing through search engines on the internet. After getting a reference model of appropriate clothing, you can style it more to your liking. But remember, some models belonging to a particular clothing designer clothing may have a patent. You can not really copy it exactly.
  4. Buying clothing materials: The next step is to buy clothing materials needed. Clothing materials is adapted to the design of the clothes that you have created. To save costs, you can search for materials such as fabrics, threads, beads, brooches in large markets or wholesale center. Look for a seller that you feel fit and continues to subscribe there. By subscribing, you can get a discount that will further save the cost of purchasing materials.
  5. Sew: For sewing, look for information on the tailor with nice stitching quality and costs are cheap. If already get tailor appropriate, then continue sewing subscribe there. However, you should also find a tailor both to the current crisis. Of course, you have to explain in detail about the type of clothing that will be created. Furthermore, if you own a clothing business is growing, you can buy their own sewing machines and employs people.
  6. promotion: One of the most important things in business is promotion. In this digital age, the promotion is a relatively easy thing to do. You can market your clothing products through various social media such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram , and others.

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But keep in mind that the best promotion is word of mouth promotion. Consumers who are satisfied with the product you will tell others and so on. So, continue to maintain and improve the quality of apparel products and your services. Thus the description how to start a clothing business with a small capital . Good luck and do not be afraid to fail of your jobs!

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