Women Working Men’s directing the Bank

The number of women working in the Government Jobs more even though it was revealed that there are more men in management. In private, when both state-owned banks examined in some branches, striking women found a significant share Assoc. Dr. Tuna, “the higher the career ladder more women employees has been eliminated. Senior managefament, including the small number of female employees, when you get that opportunity is observed to be highly successful, “he said. Assoc. Dr. Tuna candidates in senior management in the banking choice between emphasizing the importance of providing opportunities for female managers, in terms of corporate governance principles of the agenda, he said that this issue will be of great benefit.

In terms of the selection of senior management corporate governance injustice has been done to many female managers, Prof. stating that it was extremely motivated breaker. Dr. Tuna, spoke as follows: “data and deputy general manager of the women starting a career in the banking sector, shows that the general manager or the board of directors of the extremely low percentage to be president. However, the banking sector is known to be equal in terms of gender by many sectors. Managers are not able to explain as the gap between education or quantitative differences in the number of women and men. Women in the industry extremely well, where he graduated from school, even when they graduate and considered further strengthened with other educational skills, it seems so backward failure to comply with the principle of equal opportunities manager selection. falling to the General Assembly about this great work. In terms of corporate governance principles in this case it is extremely inconvenient. The appointments because the basic principles of corporate governance says that just needs to be seen on merit. “


The number of women working in the banking sector, although the government has more than 50 percent more men. 52 banks operating in the banking sector in India is just sitting of 5 women in the general manager’s seat. According to information gathered from such work in the sector, which employs more than 200 employees, 48.3 percent of the male employees, consists of 51.7 percent of women.

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